Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Cycling Shorts

Gwyn insisted that she wear cycling shorts. I mean, that's kind of cool. Instead of asking for dolls she's asking for cycling gear? Then she also asked for a cycling shirt. The next think I know, Rowan is chiming in that he wants cycling shorts and shirt. And these kids are demanding when they fixate on something! I better come up with a cycling kit pronto or else massive discord in the Meyers house. Luckily I found their "cycling kits" in a recent gift from our friends in Washington. Whatever you do, do not call these soccer outfits. These are their cycling clothes--I can only fool them for so long. The XMAS list is getting longer...

And yes, Rowan is wearing a necklace. He stole this from his Gramms and has been wearing for nearly 3 months. It's kind of masculine, right?

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