Sunday, October 24, 2010

Austin 70.3

One week later and I'm finally getting around to my Austin 70.3 race report. For me, that's pretty good. We'll call Austin the good, the bad, and the ugly. Seriously, I'm actually pleased with my performance. I gave the best that I had that day with a tough field and ended up 6th (again here!) and the first American. I wish my legs felt a little snappier on the bike, but as I rode along with my pace deteriorating, I knew I had no one to blame but myself. However, I knowingly did this to myself, so I can't complain. With the Branson/Augusta "double" and Clearwater around the corner, I trained into this race a little more than I would have liked. I still pulled off a solid swim/run and I know with a little rest the legs and I will be happy by the World Champs!

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Dear legs, I hope we can be friends again soon.
Yes, happy to be done! Any race worth finishing is worth finishing with a smile!

Gwyn even more happy I'm done. Rowan refused the photo op.

My Dad smoked the bike in a 2:47. Did I mention he's 67?
Also since my last post I got to go back to West Point for my 10 year reunion. It was absolutely awesome. There are so many people I hadn't seen since graduation. I think our class shares a special bond not only formed from the rigors while at the Academy, but also from serving in a war together. It is sad remembering our classmates no longer with us, but it was an awesome opportunity to reflect back and share stories about them. If you've never been to West Point and happen to be "around" you should check it out. It is truly inspiring. Seeing these cadets reminded me of much harder days. It makes me so proud--these cadets go here knowing that they will face deployments and war right out of the gate. My class, on the other hand, thought we'd be serving in peacetime. Boy, that changed pretty quick! I can't praise them enough and I'm truly humbled to be part of the long gray line.

West Point overlooks the Hudson River.
Lillian, my plebe roommate and fellow Texan, and I at the football game.
Inside of the Cadet Chapel. Simply beautiful.
Outside of the Cadet Chapel.
Another view of the Hudson River.With my plebe and yearling roommates Elizabeth and Lillian. (Thanks Liz and Lil for the photos!!)

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  1. Jess!
    I love your blog and you look gorgeous in that last picture of you in the black dress- hot mama!! (Literally and figuratively). Little Gwyn isn't so little anymore either (oh my goodness).

    Can't wait to follow you online at Clearwater, I am so proud of you and miss you!